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[REPLAY] GALION LIVE : What are the latest ESG trends in the European tech ?

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On Octobre 3rd for the release of the first European ESG benchmarks, we gathered a panel of expert to discuss the topic during our last Galion Live.

Speakers :

  • Alice Balagué, Chief Impact Officer, Fairmat
  • Bettina Denis, Head of Sustainability, Revaia
  • Frédéric Plais, Co-founder.sh and member of the Galion Project

If you missed it, don’t worry you can still watch it just here

Context of the European ESG benchmark

These past few months, there is a frustrating lack of comprehensive European ESG benchmarks for private companies taking into account the company’s maturity criteria (i.e. seed, series A…).

This makes it difficult to set priorities and measure progress.

And because those benchmarks that do exist are for mature public companies, it’s even harder for companies at different stages of development – from early stage to the very latest stages — to truly gain the insight they need to evaluate their efforts.

Given these observations Revaia released the first European ESG Data Benchmark for startups, which provides KPIs based on the maturity stage of tech companies. Through a survey of hundreds of companies conducted in partnership with The Galion Project and Bpifrance and with the support from Invest Europe, ImpactVC and 2CFinance, the report provides important insights that we hope companies around the world will use to emulate best practices across the spectrum of ESG challenges.

Key Learnings  

  • Environmental : Before Series D+, less than 37% of companies have implemented a Responsible Procurement Policy.
  • Diversity : While 37% of board members were female at the Seed stage, that fell to 27% by Series D+.
  • Governance : While 23% of Series B companies have implemented a B Corp certification, only 18% of Series D+ companies have done so.
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